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World Wide Marine Weather  Ohio State marine weather forecast compilations from around the world, but specializes in the USA, Puerto Rico/Virgins, and Canada.

Free Weather Software Downloads Very Interesting! - Download various weather prediction and tracking software, including a huricanne tracker. (From WeatherNet)

Scripps Institute Weather Wave maps and more.

Ocean Weather Inc. A private weather company with some interesting capabilities.

Penn State Off Shore Weather Data Ocean Weather from around the world.

National Weather Service Marine Buoy Data Real time weather buoy data around the world.

National Hurricane Center Up to date information on hurricane watches.

Florida State Tropical Storm Site Tropical storm data.

MSN Intellicast Weather Excellent tropical storm site with good graphics and satalite images.

World Wide Weather

Institutue of Global Environment and Society  This site has wind, temperature, and pressure forecast maps for the entire world, from current conditions to 6 day prediction.

Wunderground Find weather for any city, state, zip code or country!

CNN's Weather Page Weather around the world.

US Weather

Weather.com Good site for US weather

National Weather Service Weather prediction information and storm watch.

Weather On Line The ultimate collection of weather links.

The Daily Planet University of Illinois resource collection.

TV Weather Access to tv news weather sites and more.


Nautical_Words  Interesting site for nautical jargon, expressions and sayings, sea terms, origin of phrases, naval jargon, maritime colloquialisms, maritime jargon.

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